Zynapp’s ambition – a world-leading platform


Zynapp is now entering the contest of becoming the world-leading digital super archive.
–We will create a platform which has the potential of becoming the best in the world, says Erik Hallberg, chairman of Zynapp, to Breakit.

In the past two years, Zynapp has developed a platform which can gather your entire digital life in one archive. The facilities in Karlstad, the Karlstad Town Hall to be exact, are the hub of Zynapp’s venture. Now they have global ambitions.

–We are aiming for 100 million users around the world, says Mikael Solberg.

–We will create a platform which has the potential to become world-leading when it comes to keeping track of your digital footprint. We’re hoping that this will be big. Time will tell how big, says Erik Hallberg.

What makes Zynapp unique, as opposed to Facebook or Google, is that no one other than the private individual owns the data.

–Privacy is extremely important to us. With many other services, you hand over your ownership simply by accepting the terms and conditions. In Zynapp it is always your data, you are the sole owner and we will never use it in any way. We encrypt everything at both ends, and will never open the data for anyone but you, says Erik Hallberg to Breakit.

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