Cellcomb develops and manufactures environmentally friendly, single-use laminate products for environments with strict regulations on hygiene, comfort and safety. The aim is to develop existing products using new perspectives – with a clear focus on patient and food safety as well as sustainability and environmental responsibility. Henric Nedéus is the CEO of Cellcomb and has, together with Business Värmland and other parties, been involved in the move to the company’s new facilities in Säffle.


What type of products are you developing at Cellcomb?

– Primarily, we manufacture mattress covers and bedding for the care sector and absorbers for the food industry, so-called food pads which you might find at the bottom of a meat tray for example. All our products are focused on hygiene and sustainability.

What were the reasons behind Cellcomb’s decision to start up in Säffle?

– We had plans to expand and saw a growing demand for our unique line of products from customers in Europe. In order to meet with this increasing demand we had to find facilities that were better suited. The company has had its production in Forshaga and Karlstad since the 80s, but we looked at possible solutions both in Sweden and abroad. In the end we realised that Värmland, with its infrastructure and know-how within forestry, environment and cellulose, is an excellent place for us to operate. Business Värmland helped us with different funding options and the localisation of our business in the old Volvo facilities in Säffle. Size-wise it was perfect; we only had to make a few minor adjustments.


What were the success factors when you started Cellcomb?

– Knowledge, good infrastructure and support all the way were the most important reasons why we chose Värmland. We could have had cheaper facilities and labour outside of Sweden, but Värmland is an exciting region with profound knowledge about the forest industry and the processing of cellulose-based products. All of which make up the basis for Cellcomb to grow.

What would you say is important to encourage more business in Värmland?

– I think it is important to shed light on local professionals with the right skills to encourage more businesses to start up here. But it is also important that the companies who are already operating here try to create innovative environments and interesting industries which in turn create opportunities and interest for the region.


How does the growth potential look like?

– We manufacture eco-friendly protection and absorption products which benefit both patient and food safety. People will not be consuming less healthcare or less food in the future, and in addition there are higher demands on sustainability which I believe makes our products ideal for today’s world.