Nordic Medtest

Nordic Medtest started as a joint project between the County Council of Värmland, Karlstad University, Compare Karlstad and Business Värmland with the aim of testing and ensuring the quality of IT systems in the healthcare sector. The project began on 1 October 2012 and as of 1 October 2015 it is a self-financed national competence centre to test and control the quality of healthcare IT. Peter Furster is the operations manager at Nordic Medtest.


What were the reasons behind Nordic Medtest’s decision to start up in Värmland and Karlstad?

– The whole aim of the project was to evaluate whether it was viable to establish an organisation which looks at quality control and support of IT in the healthcare system. Karlstad offered the right conditions through many years of experience from test operations, especially within the telecom industry. It was also a region which was ready for a long-term and conscious effort within the healthcare sector. The project turned out to be a great success and we discovered that there was a big need for our services within e-health, which led to the successful establishment of Nordic Medtest as it stands today.

What were the success factors when you started Nordic Medtest in Värmland?

– Good infrastructure and connections with local trade and industry are two reasons why we set up our operation here. The support from Business Värmland and the private sector has been important. Business Värmland have spurred us on and provided new contacts, which has made it easier to network and get in touch with the decision makers. This makes Karlstad unique; we would never have received the same support in one of the bigger cities.


What would you say is important to encourage more business in Värmland?

– Collaboration makes Värmland strong, we need to work together all the way and not just talk about it. It could be about seeing the bigger picture and handing over business opportunities to a competitor, viewing each other as partners instead of rivals. In addition to this, I believe that Värmland needs more and potentially big players in order to create niches for specific markets.

How does the growth potential look like?

– We are aiming to double our turnover by next year and a 100 million SEK turnover within three years is not at all unrealistic. The demand for our services is growing and we expect to have 150 people working with us within the fairly near future.