It all started with a sense of digital chaos. What do you do when all your digital material is spread out in different places on different devices? How do you organise and gather your own digital footprints? Based on his own experience, Mikael Solberg explored the possibility of taking control over his own material. This resulted in the Karlstad company Zynapp – an app which operates in a similar way to the synapses in our brain.


What is Zynapp?

– Zynapp is an app which helps you to gather all your digital footprints. In an innovative way, the app helps you to find and structure the information, usually connected to name, time and place. In other words, a bit more like the search patterns in your brain.

What were the reasons behind Zynapp’s decision to start up in Värmland and Karlstad?

– We first set up our business in Stockholm and Gothenburg, but Göran Österman at Business Värmland came to us with a proposal where Karlstad offered competence, facilities and accommodation for our employees – important and crucial pieces of the puzzle in the start-up phase. The facilities, located in the old town hall, have also provided us with an opportunity to develop other ideas outside of Zynapp itself. Among other things we are investing in the construction of new offices and housing.

What were the success factors when you started Zynapp in Värmland?

– Business Värmland gave us a lot of support and help by explaining how the different start-up phases work here in Värmland. I have started up many businesses, but I have never come across such a personal commitment. The entire team; the municipality, the county council, the business advisory and financing service Almi etc. have been incredibly helpful and we have had short lead times all the way. A big difference compared to Stockholm and Gothenburg. A huge round of applause for all the support and engagement!

What would you say is important to encourage more business in Värmland?

– Communications are important. Värmland also needs to work more closely together to become more attractive and move closer to the global arena.

In addition, you need interesting companies who can offer attractive jobs to get more people to move here and bring their skills. Providing attractive jobs, nice accommodation and good services for the whole family are essential to bring about more business. Therefore it is important that companies, the county council, the municipality and the university work together.

Vision and ideas for the future? What does your growth potential look like?

– Our goal is 100 million users, it is a global ambition.